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Coronavirus COVID-19 - March 16, 2020

Week of March 16
Teachers will be planning for remote learning this week. These plans involve training in our resources such as Google Hangouts, live instruction and uploading recording instruction as well as handouts and other items required for their instruction.  Expect communication from all of your child's teachers on Friday, 3/20.  This communication will explain the schedule of classes and possible assessments.  Teachers will have opportunities built into the schedule for live interaction as well as office hours via email.  
Week of March 23
Details will be sent on Friday; however, there are general plans in place.
  • Middle/Upper School
    Teachers will provide materials, live and/or recorded instruction on Monday, Wednesday and Friday followed by office hours via email from 2 - 3.  Students should consider these full days of instruction even though the lessons will be 15-30 minutes in length.  There will still be tasks to complete.  Tuesday and Thursday is reserved for students to work and/or communicate.  From 11-1 Google Hangouts will be used by many teachers and from 2-4 all teachers are required to monitor email for student questions.
  • Lower School
    Lower School teachers will communicate with their students daily beginning 3/24.  Lower School will use Seesaw as their primary instructional tool.  Office hours will be from 8 - 11 daily, 1-2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and from 6:30-7:30 on Monday and Thursday.
Other Information
  • Report cards will be published in Blackbaud on March 23.
  • IOWA tests will be rescheduled to April - date TBA.
  • Re-enrollment can be done online and we are working to allow tuition payments to be made online without a card fee. Instructions forthcoming when this feature is available.
We have not used the snow days built into the calendar; consequently, we will not need to make up the days lost this week. Since we begin instruction next week, I do not anticipate any changes to the school calendar at this time.
Communication During Closure
Due to the most recent change in the current school closures, please be advised that our offices may not be staffed over the next two weeks. As a result, the best way to communicate will be through email.
Please use the following email contact information if you have questions or need assistance:
You may also contact your student's teacher by email. To see a full list of our faculty and staff, please visit our Contact Us page.