Return to Campus

Coronavirus COVID-19 - March 19, 2020

Update: Online Learning/General Information
The Carmel School will begin on-line learning on Monday, March 23.  Although school is currently closed until March 30, I have asked faculty to plan their instruction in a format and mindset that it may be for a longer period of time.  I hope the next few days will resolve some of the questions of a return date to school and more definite answers can be given.  For now, our building may be closed, but school is about to be in session.
Please do not confuse On-line Instruction with our Snow School plans.  On-line instruction will be very different and will provide a continuity of instruction designed to go over a longer period of time.  Teachers in Middle/Upper School will be sending out communications tomorrow which will have revised syllabus, expectations for students regarding class participation and assignments. All classes will be meeting including Robotics; however, the other Rotation classes will not meet on-line.  You should see a communication from each of these teachers tomorrow. Google Meets (also know as Hangouts to some) will be the primary platform for instruction along with resources found on Blackbaud.  Teachers have spent this week training to use these tools and developing materials for the upcoming week.  Next week will be orientation for students in using these tools in Middle/Upper School.  Lower School will begin using Seesaw and the materials that parents must pick up tomorrow between 7:15 and 9:15.  For Lower School parents - please pick up these materials or designate someone to pick them up for your child as it will be essential in maintaining continuity of instruction.  Middle/Upper School students will be able to pick up the bagged contents of their lockers next week.  A date and time for that pick up will be announced soon.
Please follow CDC recommendations.  Discourage students from getting together to study.  Encourage them to interact on-line and join the many Google Meets they will be invited to as part of their classroom instruction, sports or other activities that will resume virtually.  
Lunch Order Reimbursement
If you have purchased lunch for the month of March, you will receive a credit to your tuition account if you are billed monthly. If you do not have a balance on your account or you pay using Smart Tuition, you will be issued a check. 
Other Questions
The play, Without Strings, will perform whenever we return to school.  I obviously can not give an exact date at this time, but please know that the students that have worked so hard on this production will perform.
Other special events planned for the Spring will depend on how this situation continues to unfold.  Decisions will be made in a timely fashion and communicated immediately.
Please email any questions or concerns to Mrs. Williamson, division heads or your child's teacher.  Because the building is closed, phone messages may not be answered in a timely fashion.
Thank you to everyone for your aid in planning and your flexibility.  This is an exceptional opportunity to teach students time management, creative problem solving and responsible use of technology.  It is our belief that our students and teachers will rise to the occasion and will thrive.