The Carmel School Spirit Week - February 2 - 9, 2018

The Carmel School will be hosting a Spirit Week beginning Friday, February 2 and ending on Friday, February 9. Due to the student holiday on Monday, February 5 the first day of Spirit Week is Friday, February 2. Students are permitted to jeans if they are incorporating the themes of the day in their dress. 

Please note: The Lower School and Middle/Upper School do not have the same theme days each day.

Middle/Upper School

Friday, 02/02 - Monopoly
Monday, 02/05 - Student Holiday
Tuesday, 02/06 - Candyland
Wednesday, 02/07 - Life
Thursday, 02/08 - Guess Who
Friday, 02/09 - Battle Ship (For this day, odd numbered grades will wear all grey and even numbered grades will wear blue)

Lower School 
Friday, 02/02 - Go Team! Wear a shirt, jersey, or sweatshirt from your favorite team.
Monday, 02/05 - Student Holiday
Tuesday, 02/06 - Candyland! Wear a shirt that has a color (red, green, blue, orange, purple, or pink) from the Candyland Game.
Wednesday, 02/07 - Guess Who? Dress as a story character from a favorite movie.
Thursday, 02/08 - Game of Life! Who do you want to be when you grow up? Dress as you would for your future occupation.
Friday, 02/09 - Carmel Spirit Day. Wear your Carmel School gear or school colors to show your spirit.