Welcome to The Carmel School!

You belong here. 

At The Carmel School, we believe in instilling academic excellence and values that will shape your child's character and guide them toward becoming compassionate, respectful, and responsible citizens. Our dedicated team of educators, staff, and volunteers is committed to nurturing each student's unique gifts and talents while providing a safe and accepting space for learning and personal development.
As we strive for excellence in education, we also embrace the importance of faith and spiritual growth. Our Christian values are at the core of everything we do, and we encourage our students to cultivate a strong relationship with God. We aim to nurture their hearts and souls through daily prayer, worship, and biblical teachings, guiding them toward becoming compassionate and purpose-driven individuals.

Our Pre-Kindergarten through 12th-grade college preparatory program is uniquely and intentionally designed to prepare each student for success.
Please take a moment to not only watch the video above but to schedule a tour so that you can #DiscoverTheDifference a Carmel School education can have on a child. 

Matt Johns
Head of School

The mission of The Carmel School is to prepare students for success in our ever-changing world by creating a community supportive of
academic, physical, and spiritual growth rooted in Christian values to instill honor and integrity.