Visual Arts

The Carmel School's visual arts classes are available to every student. Lower School students have art classes once a week and learn the fundamentals of studio art with an introduction to art history. Middle School students take art three times a week on a quarterly basis. Middle School students continue to develop art fundamentals with projects that also feature a strong emphasis on math, social studies, and art history. Upper School classes are media specific and offer an array of options, ranging from a fundamental 2-D design class to traditional 3-D media to graphic arts.

Online Visual Arts Gallery

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  • Art supply donations

    Want to send in your trash?  Here's a list of some stuff we're looking for.
    • Plastic baby wipe containers 
    • Baby wipes
    • Disposable plastic food containers with lids (like sour cream, cream cheese, etc.), 
    • Unwanted yarn/string/ribbon/embroidery floss 
    • Cardboard- both corrugated and paperboard (like cereal boxes), paper towel and toilet paper tubes
    • Matboard
    • Old books, magazines, and newspapers
    • Cotton balls
    • Toothpicks
    • Fake fruit and flowers
    • Unwanted shoes or shoes that have lost their partner
    • Wire clothes hangers, any gauge wire
    • Old toys
    • Masks
    • Human forms- Styrofoam head, dressmaker form, model skeleton, mannequin, etc.
    • Scraps of unwanted fabric  
    • Bottle caps
    • Wine corks
    • Unwanted art supplies
    • Hand tools
    • Wooden spoons and old silverware
    • Paper and plastic bags, resealable (Ziploc) bags
    • Anything you think I might find interesting