Upper School

The Upper School curriculum strives to prepare our ninth through twelfth grade (9th-12th) students to succeed in their post-secondary endeavors. Our curriculum is continuously reviewed and evaluated, and our teachers collaborate to make our academic programs the best they can be. We encourage our students to strive for acceptance in a four-year college or university and craft our curriculum to meet rigorous collegiate expectations.

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Upper School Curriculum

Upper School Downloads

  • 2022-2023 Secondary Student Handbook
    This handbook provides guidelines for the Middle and Upper School students and parents of The Carmel School community. At the start of the school year, each student and parent/guardian must review and acknowledge their understanding of the policies and procedures contained herein by providing their signatures. A signature acknowledges the signer’s understanding and affirms their participation and cooperation with the handbook’s contents. Any questions about policies contained in the handbook should be directed to the Head of School.
  • Upper School Summer Reading Assignment
  • Community Service Policy
    An overview of The Carmel School's student community service policy and requirements