Middle & Upper School Learning Commons

The Carmel School Middle and Upper School Learning Commons is designed to provide resources and instruction to empower our students to become critical thinkers and self-directed learners.  We encourage our students to ask questions and to use many research tools to find answers.  Students have access to several databases to find scholarly articles, and to Brittanica School.  

Inquiry and discovery are at the center of our curriculum, and we believe each research project represents a personalized learning journey.  Students learn to find credible information and use it responsibly and ethically by citing sources in the appropriate format.  Through authentic and meaningful projects, our students share what they have learned with other in the school and in the community.  Students might share their learning experiences by creating a slideshow using Google Slides or create a podcast with Audacity. They might take what they have learned and create a video or a webpage using iPads or their computers.  The possibilities are endless.  

The mission of The Carmel School is to prepare students for success in our ever-changing world by creating a community supportive of
academic, physical, and spiritual growth rooted in Christian values to instill honor and integrity.