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Clubs Program

Beginning in sixth grade, Middle and Upper School students experience extracurricular involvement as part of the Clubs Program. From Horticulture to Adult/Life Skills to Drama to service-focused organizations, students are encouraged to pursue their interests twice a week during clubs time. As they meet with their club's sponsor both in and out of the classroom, club members gain valuable 21st-century skills while pursuing their interests in a collaborative and engaging environment.
    • Art for the Journey

      Middle school students in Art for the Journey

Clubs Offerings

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  • Art Appreciation Club

    Have you ever wondered how art confronts our soul? How it can move us to love, sadness, joy—to experience the sublime and the absurd? How does a painting work upon our souls and transcend our material reality and connect us with one another? In art appreciation club we follow the story of art history from the renaissance with Giotto, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio, tracing a line to William Turner, Mary Cassatt, Henri Matisse all the way to Rothko, Basquiat, and more.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Mr. Jane
  • Art for the Journey

    Art for the Journey is a fun, relaxing club for makers, creatives, and anyone who wants to shake off the stress of the day by creating original artwork. Our artist-teachers host a weekly pop-up studio where you can explore materials, discover your creative voice, and make art to take home!

    Meetings: Thursdays
    Sponsor: Ms. Lauren of Art of the Journey
  • Bit of Everything (B. O. E.)

    B.O.E is a club with various focuses. The main goal is to provide young men with a safe place to come and freely discuss different topics. We want B.O.E to be a club where young men can understand what a Christ-filled man looks and acts like. We will discuss how sports and Jesus connect while teaching our sports players how they can show Christ in how they practice and compete.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Mr. Mellone
  • Chess Club

    32 pieces, 64 squares… Let’s go!  Chess club is all about chess. This year we will study openings, and strategies, and play some games with each other and on If you want a club that is both relaxing and challenging, this is for you.

    Meetings: Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Roles
  • Chorus Club

    In chorus/music club, we will learn to sing together as a group and how to strengthen our individual singing voices. We will sing many styles of music from pop to classical. This club will be a chance to work together in a low-pressure environment to improve our musical ability. I'm hoping this will be a chance for those of you who don't have room in your daily schedule for music and chorus to see what it's like!

    Meeting Day: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Mrs . Vancil
  • Divide and Conquer Club

    In the Divide and Conquer Club, you will be attempting to conquer the world one board game space at a time. "Risk" and "Axis and Allies" will be among the war strategy games we will discuss playing during club time. 

    Meeting Day: Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Green
  • Drama Club

    If you are interested in auditioning for the play to perform as an actor and/or understudy, or if you are interested in serving as a tech lead (sound, stage manager, crew leads) this is the club for you. We are putting on a production of Into the Woods Jr, as well as a fall musical revue. We hope to see you all there!

    Meeting Day: Tuesday- Drama Tech
                            Thursday- Drama Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Vancil, Mrs. Sirois, Mr. Moss 
  • Fall Outdoor Club

    A club designed for those interested in Fall outdoor sports including hunting, fishing, and even outdoor photography of beautiful fall colors.

    Meeting Day: Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Brown

  • Film Club

    To watch film/film clips discuss the filmmaking process, evaluate scenes, and recreate scenes as well as produce original film and video content.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Vogel
  • Horticulture

    We will be taking care of approximately 10 house plants throughout the year.

    Meeting Day: Thursday 
    Sponsor: Mr. von Storch
  • Kindness Is Timeless

    Being kind allows us to have the potential to spread happiness. Kindness can boost feelings of confidence and is good for your heart. By joining this club, you can help develop and implement acts of kindness that we can spread through the school and through the community. 

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mrs. Conner
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  • National Art Honor Society

    An art based honor society that provides art and service opportunities as well as the potential for scholarships. Students must have passed one semester of high school art and maintained a B average the previous school year.

    Meetings: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Ms. Cathy Stikes
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  • Peace and Quiet Club

    Peace and Quiet Club lets students use all-too-rare quiet time to read for pleasure, write creatively, draw, work puzzles, think, or pray, as they choose. No computers or other electronics; recharge by unplugging.  

    Because the students can use the time for a variety of thoughtful activities without distraction, what they learn depends upon what interests they choose to pursue.  They choose the books they want to read, the stories/poems/letters they write, the pictures they draw, etc.  Such self-directed, creative, quiet time lets students pursue their own passions without dictation from an authority figure -- an opportunity all-too-rare in schools.  

    Great minds agree on the value of silence:  
    "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together."
    --Thomas Carlyle, writer, philosopher, historian, mathematician, teacher, and translator

    "True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment."
    --Sir William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania

    Meeting Days - Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. De Graaf
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  • Poetry Club

    In poetry club, we will take a look at what poetry is and its different forms. As well as how poetry as an art form can help us portray our emotions. This will also be a chance for students to write and possibly perform their own work with no pressure attached and only an opportunity to grow. 

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Beechaum
  • Sit and Stitch: Fiber Arts

    Crochet and knitting club for both experienced and new fiber artists. Beginner and advanced crochet instruction, along with beginner knitting skills will be offered. Those who enjoy cross-stitch and embroidery are welcome as well. There will be at least one charitable project per year.

    Sit & Stitch Beginners: Hands-on instruction provided in basic crochet. Some service hours are awarded as students contribute their skills to the creation of handmade items for charity.

    Sit & Stitch Advanced: This club is for students who have mastered the basics of crochet and are looking for guidance with more advanced crochet projects. Other fiber artists are also welcome (knit, embroidery, macrame, etc.), but no direct instruction is provided. Some service hours are awarded as students contribute their skills to the creation of handmade items for charity.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mrs. Adams
  • Spanish Club

    This will be a Spanish Immersion club where students will be exposed to Hispanic culture through the use of various mediums.  From the language, music, and food, to the dances and other cultural activities, we will explore the cultural diversity (i.e. customs and traditions) of Spanish-speaking countries all over the world. This club is open to Upper School students only.

    Meeting Day: Thursday
    Sponsor: Sra. Brown and Sr. Hoepelman
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  • Strategy Club

    If you are a fan of card games, particularly Magic the Gathering, this club is for you. Bring your best Commander deck and reign supreme. Other card games such as rummy, war, and Pokemon are also welcome.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Mr. Roles
  • Uno Club

    Do you love the game of UNO?  If you said YES then join the UNO club!  Only 12 students are allowed to join the club on Tuesdays and 12 students on Thursdays. 

    Meeting Days: Tuesday &Thursday
    Sponsor: Mrs. Creasey and Mr. Dardick
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