Student Life

Clubs Program

Beginning in sixth grade, Middle and Upper School students experience extracurricular involvement as part of the Clubs Program. From Horticulture to Adult/Life Skills to Drama to service-focused organizations, students are encouraged to pursue their interests twice a week during clubs time. As they meet with their club's sponsor both in and out of the classroom, club members gain valuable 21st-century skills while pursuing their interests in a collaborative and engaging environment.

Clubs Offerings

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  • Art for the Journey

    Art for the Journey is a fun, relaxing club for makers, creatives, and anyone who wants to shake off the stress of the day by creating original artwork. Our artist-teachers host a weekly pop-up studio where you can explore materials, discover your creative voice, and make art to take home!

    Meetings: Thursdays
    Sponsor: Ms. Lauren Art of the Journey
  • Bit of Everything (B. O. E.)

    B.O.E is a club with a variety of focuses. One of our main goals will be to help develop young men’s sense of identity and self-confidence. B.O.E will provide a safe atmosphere for healthy, constructive conversations by highlighting different professionals and how they use their gifts and platforms to promote positive examples for society. Club activities may include school service projects and guided discussions of readings on leadership from journal articles, textual excerpts, and Scripture to provide structure.

    Meeting Day: Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Mellone
  • Chess Club

    The chess club is open to all levels of ability, or those with no ability at all. You will learn the different tactics and styles through lessons, puzzles, and actual game play.

    Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Kovac
  • Disc Golf Club

    We will explore and develop skills for the sport of disc golf. We will discuss and practice the basics of distance throwing, mid-range approach shots, and putting. We will also watch coverage of disc golf pro tour rounds in-between practice days and on days with poor weather. I will provide discs, but if a student develops a passion for the sport I can recommend a starter set. I will also provide a basket and Coach Bolt has offered the school basket as well.

    Meeting Day: Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Betterton
  • Drama Club

    Students will learn basic acting techniques, and preparation for the Spring Musical.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday

    Sponsor: Mrs. Vancil, Mrs. Sirois, Ms. Kopicki
  • Drawing Club

    In this club we will learn the fundamentals of drawing and what it takes to be a good artist. I would teach students that in order to have a perfect piece of drawing we must take our time. Students will be able to free draw as well.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday

    Sponsor: Mr. Gilliam
  • Film Club

    To watch film/film clips discuss the filmmaking process, evaluate scenes, and recreate scenes as well as produce original film and video content.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. Vogel
  • Horticulture

    We will begin by cleaning the green house.  Then by raising plants, fertilizing them, nurturing them, and possibly making planters for them to be taken home or sold at a school function.  Understanding how greenhouses work, maintenance of them and what kinds of plants need what types of environments.

    Meeting Day: Thursday 
    Sponsor: Mr. von Storch
  • I.C.E. P.A.Q. Club

    The I.C.E. P.A.Q. (standing for "Individual Creative Expression - Peace and Quiet") Club is a companion to Mr. De Graaf's Peace and Quiet club. Where his club enjoys complete silence and emphasizes the quiet aspect of the club's name, I.C.E. P.A.Q. emphasizes more of the peace part of the name. High school students who sign up for I.C.E. P.A.Q. will enjoy around 35 minutes on Tuesday afternoons during which they can read, color, fold origami, sketch, meditate, do yoga stretches, work on passion projects, listen to calming music, journal, or any other quiet, relaxing activity that they would like to do. This club is meant to refresh students and give them a much-needed mental break to recharge them before they head to study hall and other after school activities.
    If you are looking for something that will be both relaxing and quiet, I.C.E. P.A.Q. is the club for you.
    Meeting Day: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Mrs. Flores
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  • Music/Drama Support Club

    This is a chance to work on musical techniques, set design, costume design etc.

    Meeting Days: Thursday
    Sponsor: Mrs. Sirois and Mrs. Vancil
  • National Art Honor Society

    An art based honor society that provides art and service opportunities as well as the potential for scholarships. Students must have passed one semester of high school art and maintained a B average the previous school year.

    Meetings: Thursday
    Sponsor: Ms. Cathy Stikes
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  • Peace and Quiet Club

    Students (and teachers) are surrounded by noise. They go from one activity-filled day to another, with classes, sports practice, homework, constant stimulation through various media – television, radio, computers, telephones, mobile telephones (of all the infernal devices), etc. Most of the students are with the same group of chatty kids all day long, in every single class, plus lunch! They get tired of their classmates' (and teachers') constant chatter, and they need some peace and quiet.

    We burn kids out on structure. The schedule dictates that, at a certain time of day, they do a certain thing. At another time, the schedule dictates another thing. The Peace and Quiet Club would let students use all-too-rare quiet time to read for pleasure, write creatively, draw, work puzzles, think or pray, as they choose. No computers or other electronics; recharge by unplugging.

    Because the students can use the time for a variety of thoughtful activities without distraction, what they learn depends upon what interests they choose to pursue. They choose the books they want to read, the stories/poems/letters they write, the pictures they draw, etc. Such self-directed, creative, quiet time lets students pursue their own passions without dictation from an authority figure - an opportunity all-too-rare in schools.

    "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together."
    - Thomas Carlyle, writer, philosopher, historian, mathematician, teacher, translator

    "True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment."
    - Sir William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania

    Do you need a place free of noise and distraction, where you can read, write, draw, think or pray? Join the Peace and Quiet Club. Come in peace.

    Meeting Days - Thursday
    Sponsor: Mr. De Graaf
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  • Sit and Stitch: Fiber Arts

    Crochet and knitting club for both experienced and new fiber artists. Beginner and advanced crochet instruction, along with beginner knitting skills will be offered. Those who enjoy cross-stitch and embroidery are welcome as well. There will be at least one charitable project per year.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday
    Sponsor: Mrs. Adams
  • Strategy Games Club

    Students will have the chance to learn and play a strategy game of the week (ex. MTG, Pokemon, chess, checkers).

    Meeting Day: Tuesday
    Sponsor: Mr. Roles
  • Student Government Association

    Sponsor: Mr. Justin Smith
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  • The Fan Club

    This is a club for college and professional sports fans. While meetings will center on guided discussions of current sports events and topics, the highlights of the year will be the fall fantasy football league and the spring March Madness bracket pool.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday

    Sponsor: Mr. Green
  • What Does the Bible Say?

    We take the time to research the answers to whatever questions we have about the Bible. Example questions could be things like; "What does the Bible say about fear?", or "What does the Bible say about modesty?". We can get as in-depth as the students are comfortable. We will look for the answers to our questions specifically in scripture and will take the time to look at both the context and historical/cultural setting regarding passages associated with our topic.

    Meeting Day: Thursday
    Sponsor:  Ms. McMillen
  • Wildcat Robotics Club

    The FLL competition Wildcat Robotics Team will also meet during club time to ensure there is plenty of opportunity for TCS Middle School students to learn about the FIRST Robotics organization, competing in the FIRST Lego League and demonstrating FIRST's 6 Core Values everyday.

    Meeting Day: Tuesday & Thursday

    Sponsor: Mrs. Forcke