Student Life

Clubs Program

Beginning in sixth grade, Middle and Upper School students experience extracurricular involvement as part of the Clubs Program. From Horticulture to Adult/Life Skills to Drama to service-focused organizations, students are encouraged to pursue their interests twice a week during clubs time. As they meet with their club's sponsor both in and out of the classroom, club members gain valuable 21st-century skills while pursuing their interests in a collaborative and engaging environment.

Clubs Offerings

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  • Adult/Life Skills

  • Art for the Journey

    WHY: Art for the Journey looks for people who have a barrier to expressing their creativity and gives them the space, tools, encouragement, and inspiration to make art. Students get to be part of that mission, not just on the receiving end by building their own artistic confidence, but by opting to show artwork through Art for the Journey exhibitions in the greater Richmond area, and (if they so choose) sell it to fund art opportunities for other kids with greater barriers. Work will also be shown at school exhibits. WHAT: An open studio to explore new fun techniques, complete art challenges, create original paintings/drawings, and work on collaborative projects -- all with guidance from professional art instructors. At the first meeting, students will vote on the options for special projects and techniques the club will explore throughout the year.
    WHEN: Thursdays 2:05 - 2:30, with an optional extension through 3:15 as permissed. WHO: All 6th-12th (8th grade priority).

    Meetings: Thursdays
    Sponsor: Ms. Shanks
  • B.A.M.

    B.A.M. (Be Awesome More) Club exists to develop characteristics of service and cooperation within the school community and beyond.
    Robert Baden-Powell once said, “Leave this world a little better than you found it,” and our club embodies that philosophy.  Our service-oriented club will strive to improve conditions at the school, in the community, and around the globe through community service, school spirit support, and outreach programs.  During our weekly Tuesday meetings, we will discuss needs in the area or in the school before brainstorming ways to provide help. Afterwards, we will spend any remaining time earning grains of rice for impoverished places around the world using

    Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Sponsor: Mrs. Flores, Mr. De Graaf, Mr. Roles
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  • Beloved

    Join us on Tuesdays to experience the exciting goal of Beloved, which is to give our Carmel girls an opportunity to boldly learn about and experience a real and exciting relationship with Christ that leads to feeling brave, beautiful and beloved.

    We discuss spiritual and cultural issues like body image, purity, living out your faith, friendship, peer pressure, etc.
    Meetings: Tuesdays
    Sponsor: Mrs. Kate Tipton
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  • Bit of Everything

    Bit of Everything (B.O.E.) is a club with a variety of focuses. The main goal is to provide young men with a safe place to come and freely discuss different topics. We want B.O.E to be a club where young men can understand what a Christ filled man looks and acts like. We will discuss how sports and Jesus connect, while teaching our sports players how they can show Christ in the way they practice and compete.

    Meetings: Thursdays
    Sponsor: Mr. Mellone
  • Board Games

    Do you like spending time with your friends?  Are you up for a challenge?  If you answered YES to either one of these questions, then board games club is for YOU!  We meet every Tuesday and Thursday and enjoy each other's company while playing card games and board games.  If you have a game you really enjoy playing, simply ask the club sponsor for approval and you can bring it in to share with other club members.  What do you say?  Let's get playing!

    Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Sponsor: Mrs. Creasey
  • Book Club

    Do you have a favorite book genre you would like to explore, share and discuss with others? How about an author who has inspired you to “just keep reading?” Would you like to jump into a type of book you have never tried before?  If you said “Yes!” to any of these questions, The Wildcats Book Club might just be for you (and a friend or two!) Our goal will be to read for pure pleasure and to spread the word about books we love to people we know through discussion, book reviews, trailers, and other student led projects.  Bring ideas and leadership skills!

    Meetings: Tuesdays
    Sponsor: Mrs. O'Day
  • Choir

    Welcome to Choir Club! The goal of this club is to provide students with a safe environment to develop their vocal skills and musicianship. The club focuses on the instruction of choral skills including singing technique and working within the ensemble. A variety of repertoire will be selected to perform at our concerts and other school related events. Students will learn about the importance of music in our community and culture. Mark your calendars for December 14th (Christmas Concert), May 3rd (Grandparent’s Day) and May 10th (end of the year concert and art showcase).

    Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Sponsor: Ms. VanGlad
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  • Drama

    In Drama Club, students have the opportunity to learn the essentials of Theatre!  Theatre isn't just about acting; there's so much more to it.  Costumers learn how to use a sewing machine to create original costumes for the various shows we have.  Make-up artists learn the basics of make-up application, as well as using make-up charts to plan out an actor's look.  In Props, students make or research different ways to create various items necessary for a production.  Finally, in Tech, students learn how to use a sound cue program to copy, cut, and arrange each and every sound.  There is a place for everyone in Drama Club!
    Meetings: Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Sponsor: Mr. Justin Smith
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  • Horticulture

    Meetings: Thursdays
    Sponsor: Mrs. Brianna Thomas and Ms. Chelsea Barker
  • National Art Honor Society

    National Art Honor Society

    Meetings: Tuesdays
    Sponsor: Ms. Cathy Stikes
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  • Newspaper

    The Wildcat Quarterly serves as a source of information for both the student body and the larger Carmel School community.  This club offers great opportunities for becoming a leader, creating a culture of creativity, and fostering a sense of service to the larger school community.  Photographers, writers, artists - all are welcome. This club allows for greater buy-in from students because they are the best source for article ideas, features’ topics, and newspaper presentation.  Interested in promoting The Carmel School? Interested in the promoting the activities of the student body both inside and outside of school? Please consider becoming a member of The Wildcat Quarterly and contributing to its growth and development.  

    Meetings: Tuesdays
    Sponsor: Mr. Bevan
  • Student Government Association

    Sponsor: Mr. Justin Smith

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  • WildC.A.T.S.

    Welcome to WildC.A.T.S. Club!  Let us give you a quick breakdown of the letters: C stands for CONSERVATION, A stands for ADVENTURE, T stands for TRAVEL, and S stands for SPORTS!  This club will include map reading, survival skills, recycling, trail clean up, adventure trip planning, and off the wall sports such as GAGA ball, curling, etc.  During the students’ club time, they will research adventures & plan trips. We will discuss possible places to visit and activities to do on these weekend day trips such as hiking in the Shenandoah, kayaking on the James River, rock climbing in Richmond, participating in a high ropes course in Williamsburg and SO MUCH MORE!  We must take adventures to know where we belong, so LET’S GO EXPLORE with the WildC.A.T.S. Club!

    Meetings: Tuesdays
    Sponsor: Coach K and Coach Stapler
  • Yearbook

    Students interested in yearbook and photography are encouraged to meet as a club on Thursdays to plan the production of the school's annual yearbook. Yearbook club members take photos of school events and document them in photos with the goal of publishing and distributing the yearbook. Students will be taught basic lessons in ethical journalism, photography, writing, and editing using the school provided camera and Graphic Design computers equipped with InDesign office.

    Meetings: Thursdays
    Sponsor: Ms. Kopicki