Technology is integrated into all aspects of the Carmel experience.  Students begin taking technology classes in kindergarten and have unlimited access to our library's digital resources both on and off campus.  The campus has a fully integrated wireless network and SMART Boards in every classroom.  All students in the Middle and Upper schools have their own school email account with full access to the school's suite of Google Apps for Education, and, beginning in the fall of 2015, Middle and Upper School students participate in a 1-to-1 tablet/laptop program.  

Forms & Information

Check out the following links for more information about our techonology program.
  • 2021-2022 Technology Purchase Guide
    Starting in 2015, Middle School and Upper School students at The Carmel School use their own laptops or tablet devices at school.  The school uses Google Chrome for Education; consequently, any device that can access the internet should meet your child's needs.  

    Attronica, The Carmel School's technology consultant, has suggested some possible choices. You are not required to purchase one of these specific devices, but Attronica does warranty anything purchased from their company. 

    Additionally, here is a link that shows what is supported by Google Apps.