Careers at Carmel

Spanish Language Teacher

The Carmel School seeks qualified, energetic, and motivated candidates to work with middle and upper school (grades 6-12) students in the modern languages department.

Position Objectives:
  • To help each pupil develop competence in his/her skills in the Spanish language
  • To motivate each pupil to attain and develop necessary 21st-century skills toward thinking critically, asking higher-level questions, and collaborating with others to solve problems
  • To encourage each pupil to understand the rules and functions of language
  • To foster students' engagement and inquiry in their studies

Minimum Requirements:
A bachelor's degree in the field of study and teaching experience is required. Master’s degree and teaching license preferred.

Summary of Essential Position Functions:
  1. Teaches courses in Spanish to both middle (grades 6-8) and upper (grades 9-12) school students, utilizing the appropriate curriculum for each.
  2. Instructs pupils in accordance with the mission of the school; fully supports the mission of the school and abides by the employee handbook.
  3. Develops lesson plans and appropriate instructional aids to emphasize inquiry and current best practices.
  4. Demonstrates using models; experiments with available technology methods and other standard or teacher-prepared instructional aids.
  5. Provides opportunities when needed for individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each pupil.
  6. Designs and differentiates learning activities that will relate content and skills acquisition to students' experiences and the physical world.
  7. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to provide an orderly, productive classroom environment.
  8. Utilizes both formative and summative assessments to assess and evaluate each pupil’s progress in his/her acquisition of content knowledge and skills regularly.
  9. Communicates regularly and effectively with school stakeholders about students' progress.
  10. Selects and acquires school-approved texts, instructional aids, and supplies; maintains necessary inventory records.