Careers at Carmel

Volleyball Coach (Fall 2024)

The Carmel School seeks to hire coaches for Girls Volleyball to join its incredible team of compassionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable faculty and staff for the 2024-25 school year. This coaching position is responsible for cultivating a vibrant, safe, and engaging student culture while instructing students in accordance with the school's mission.

Those who thrive in our Pre-K–12, college preparatory, Christian school environment are mission-aligned, creative, possess a demonstrable work ethic that focuses on student success, and is remarkably fun to work with! Most importantly, however, our students need another individual who deeply cares about them. 
At The Carmel School, our coaches are expected to:
  • develop a sound base of foundational skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and teamwork
  • help each player develop competence in the areas related to the specific sport and overall physical fitness
  • demonstrate the ability to create a child-centered team that facilitates children’s physical, cognitive, and social/emotional learning
  • model and effectively demonstrate clear communication with all stakeholders
  • reports to and works collaboratively with our Athletic Director
  • champion the role of Christian independent schools in the greater Richmond/Fredericksburg area, and Additional expectations and essential position functions can be made available upon request. 
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provides instruction for skill development and game rules; works to continuously improve personal skills and knowledge of Volleyball, competition strategies and preparation, conditioning techniques, effective teaching skills, and prevention and care of injuries
  • Imparts good sportsmanship, teamwork, and Christian values to athletes through instruction and example. Good manners and respect must be demonstrated at all times to the game officials, coaches, athletes, and parents. Adheres to all policies in the Coaches Handbook, including VISAA Code of Conduct
  • Conducts practices during the time set up/approved by the athletic director; practices should be held daily (except on game days), and any unscheduled practice time must be cleared in advance by the athletic director. All game scheduling will be done by the athletic director in conjunction with the head coach
  • Establishes fair discipline that’s firm and consistent in accordance with school policies and is respectful of all scholar-athletes
  • Conduct at least one preseason team meeting with players and parents to discuss team policies, guidelines, goals, responsibilities, and disciplinary expectations and consequences
  • Responsible for maintaining, disbursing, and returning all equipment and uniforms provided by the school; only the athletic director is authorized to make purchases related to the team. Requests for additional equipment or uniforms and suggestions for budgeting for subsequent years should be in writing to the athletic director. Any team-requested fundraising must be cleared by the athletic director in advance
  • Carries emergency first aid equipment with the team at all times, as well as a mobile device that provides access to student medical information online; reports any possible injuries to the athletic trainer immediately
  • Provides supervision for all team athletes until picked up by parents or designated drivers following practices and games
  • Maintains team statistics and reports scores to the media
  • Travels with the team on all bus trips to away games and supervises athlete behavior
    while traveling
  • Assists individual players in their post-high school athletic goals as they pertain to
    college recruiting, camp/clinics, and other out-of-season opportunities
Prior experience coaching is a must! All employees must complete a criminal background check upon their official start date.

Interested and qualified candidates must submit a brief cover letter, resume, and an Application for Employment (found on our website) to careers@thecarmelschool.org. Please note that copies of relevant licenses, certifications, and undergraduate/graduate transcripts will be required. 
The mission of The Carmel School is to prepare students for success in our ever-changing world by creating a community supportive of
academic, physical, and spiritual growth rooted in Christian values to instill honor and integrity.