Why This Matters

Capital Campaign

This year’s Capital Campaign is deeply rooted in student success. Your contribution to this dedicated campaign will allow The Camel School to purchase an additional 15-passenger bus. As student enrollment grows, so do our opportunities to expand activity offerings and learning outside of the classroom. 

Did you know that The Carmel School added grade-based trips for the 2023-2024 school year? Each student in grades 6-12 will have the opportunity to collaborate, connect, and have fun with their classmates in a unique way. In October, 10th-grade students traveled to Tangier Island and explored the incredible island on what was a beautiful day of learning and connection. While their ferry ride certainly stood out as a highlight of the trip, the opportunity to travel was made possible by our two Carmel School vans that transported them there. 

With nearly 20 athletic teams traveling to practices, games, and tournaments across the Commonwealth, along with our various class field trips and community service projects, our existing transportation is simply not enough. Your contribution to our Capital Campaign project will allow us to say “yes” to more student-centered opportunities, all in an effort to support the mission of The Carmel School.

Giving Levels

We appreciate your consideration of contributing at any level. Don't forget that any corporate match will be added to your gift! Below is a list of giving levels that will receive special recognition in our annual reporting.

Circle of Honor:
$10,000 & Above

Innovator's Circle:
$9,999 to $5,000

$4,999 to $2,500
$2,499 to $1,000

Blue & White Club:
$999 to $500

Wildcats Club:
$499 to $50

Donation Tips!

The Carmel School uses the Just Giving donation platform for online giving. Please note that: 

1. When giving, you may select from five (5) suggested amounts OR custom enter in an amount. 

2. Don't want to pay a platform fee? You don't have to! Under the amount of your donation, select the drop-down menu and select "Other." From there, enter "0" in the "Tip Amount" section and hit "Continue."

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