Why This Matters

The Carmel School Fund

The Carmel School Fund creates ongoing opportunities for our entire school community that have never existed before. This annual giving campaign allows for targeted investment into areas that will promote the very best of who we are as a mission-driven school. 

This year, your giving to The Carmel School Fund will be specifically directed in three important directions: interactive and educational technology improvements, teacher training and additional professional development opportunities, and expanded resources and equipment designated for outdoor play, recess, and physical education class. 

If you’ve been on campus and toured our incredible facility, you’ve seen the interactive SmartBoards and Epson projectors in each classroom, our banks of laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads, and various display screens around campus. What’s unseen is the desire for The Carmel School to expand it’s use of educational technology and enter deep into the world of coding, programming, and digital design. Our students have an opportunity to engage in the area of emerging technologies, and to learn both the threats and opportunities they have to offer. Your giving allows us to take a significant step forward in making this a reality. 

When you consider all of the opportunities that exist at The Carmel School and how many people are involved in caring for and educating your child, I’m sure you’ll agree: we have the best educators in the region. 

Your contribution to The Carmel School Fund will allow our teachers to have access to furthering their education and exposing them to current trends and best practices that will ultimately benefit your child. As we currently send our teachers and staff to conferences, have them participate in webinars, and help offset their continuing education expenses, we want to do more to help support our incredible faculty. 

At The Carmel School, we believe in the power of outdoor and imaginative play. We understand the importance recess and physical activity play in the life of a growing learner. Investing in The Carmel School Fund will allow us to add additional playground equipment for our Preschool and Lower School students, as well as acquire updated equipment that our Middle and Upper School students can use during P.E., free time, and break periods. Your financial support will allow us to expand our offerings and make a fun, lasting impact on your child. 

Please consider supporting The Carmel School Fund today!

Giving Levels

We appreciate your consideration of contributing at any level. Don't forget that any corporate match will be added to your gift! Below is a list of giving levels that will receive special recognition in our annual reporting.

Circle of Honor:
$10,000 & Above

Innovator's Circle:
$9,999 to $5,000

$4,999 to $2,500
$2,499 to $1,000

Blue & White Club:
$999 to $500

Wildcats Club:
$499 to $50

Donation Tips!

The Carmel School uses the Just Giving donation platform for online giving. Please note that: 

1. When giving, you may select from five (5) suggested amounts OR custom enter in an amount. 

2. Don't want to pay a platform fee? You don't have to! Under the amount of your donation, select the drop-down menu and select "Other." From there, enter "0" in the "Tip Amount" section and hit "Continue."

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